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Kettlebell classes are a fun and exciting way to train. These classes bring you back to using your body as a complete unit like nature intended, taking you away from machines and benches which train the body as individual parts, introducing whole body functional movements that help in day to day life.

Due to the muscle groups and movements being used during a typical class the energy demands are much higher than the usual gym classes burning maximum calories in minimum time. The kettlebell is unrivalled as a training tool, due to its ability to simultaneously develop strength, flexibility, stability, endurance and cardiovascular capacity.

A typical class will last around 1hr starting with a 15min warm up going into a 30min intense workout of 1min intervals then finishing with a 15min cool down and stretch.

Classes run once weekly and are limited to a maximum of 6 (booking is advised)

Price £5 per class
Why not avoid disappointment?
Block book 6 sessions @ £4.50 per class.

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