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Muay Thai Camp in Livingston, West Lothian by DCL Fitness

DCL Muay Thai in LIvingston, prides itself in teaching the art of Muay Thai, during these classes participants will increase their overall fitness levels, learn about the sport and its traditions as well as learning about themselves and how they can overcome their own challenges. This is all done under knowledgeable instruction.

DCL Muay Thai is certified by the UKMTF (UK Muay Thai Federation) who is recognised by the World Muay Thai Council.

Muay Thai is a sport that has derived from the historic battlefields into modern day ring sports and general fitness classes.

Whilst training in the art of Muay Thai, participants will become knowledgeable in the traditions of the “Science of the eight limbs” as well as becoming proficient practitioners in using the skills and techniques required in this sport.

Such techniques are the ability to strike using their fists, elbows, knees and legs/feet with accuracy, speed and power.

DCL Muay Thai students will have the opportunity to progress at their own pace in terms of gradings and how they wish to progress within the sport.

UKMTF (UK Muay Thai Federation)

World Muay Thai Council

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