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What is Personal Training?

Personal training is exactly what it says. 1-1 training that is personal to you.

Why choose personal training at DCL Fitness?

The personal training at DCL Fitness is second to none. You will be made to feel welcome from the time you contact us to arrange your consultation with a fully qualified personal trainer. During your consultation, your trainer will ask you a series of questions through an informal chat on what your goals are or what you would like them to be. Any health issues will be discussed as well as any concerns that you have. At this point, your trainer is simply getting to know you and begin to understand your requirements.

A tailor-made exercise program will then be created for you and only you. This is designed to help you reach your goals and will be reviewed on a regular basis and adapted if and when necessary to ensure that you will achieve what you set out to do.

What makes Personal Training different from the gym?

When you choose to embark on a personal training program with DCL Fitness you will have a trainer with you at each of your booked session.

Your trainer will remain with you to ensure that you are gaining the most out of your workouts and will make adaptations if they feel it is necessary.

You will have instant access to equipment for specific exercises – no more waiting around for somebody to complete their workout before you begin.

Book your appointment with the best fitness trainers at DCL Fitness Livingston.

The Personal training at DCL Fitness is by appointment only and held in our exclusive personal training studio where your 1-1 sessions will take place. Here you will be monitored and encouraged throughout your session to work toward your goals and your trainer will want this for you as much as you do.

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